Art that will excite your eyeballs from Benoit Patterlini

Have you seen a piece of art and just said to yourself, “I want to be IN that world.” The first image I saw from graphic designer Benoit Patterlini made me feel that way instantly.


I was looking up circus themed images and the one above of his carousel made my mind go into overdrive trying to see every single detail and figure out what was going on.  Luckily the site with that image had many others from him and I lost a good half hour of my life creeping every image I could find.

toys bp animals


Benoit Patterlini is 39, self-taught, and has been drawing since the age of 7. He says his inspirations come from the American Comic Strip and still draws comics even though he has gone into Architecture for his education and profession.

building_in_space building city


He currently is working as a freelance 3D graphic designer for prominent architects in Paris, such as Claude Vasconi and Jean-Michel Wilmotte. Patterlini also keeps busys creating digital art projects which are focused on science fiction.

scifi babe octo building meteors


volcano cityjpg volcano-city-series

Like what you see so far? Buy his book on Amazon!


I found this site with his architecture renderings. Please design me a house Benoit, with dinosaurs and doughnuts!

donut_mountain donut_ceiling bilal_versus_donuts_afterfx

Ok I just might be biased because of seeming love of doughnuts. Can you believe his combination of a surfer babe with a shark all designed with doughnuts??

donut_shark_surf donut go cart dino and donuts

Here’s a video giving you a deeper look into his inspirations and the process of his designs:

While I feel I have no experience in the world of graphic design, I think this guys is amazingly creative and talented. Any graphic designers out there want to give me your input on his work? Please comment below or tweet me!



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