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Odd Future Loiter Squad on Adult Swim

Yeah, you read that correctly. Your friendly neighbor Tyler The Creator & crew will be getting their own comedy spot on Adult Swim called Loiter Squad. We finally have a full length trailer below full of insaneness. The show will feature Tyler, The Creator, Jasper Dolphin, taco Bennett, Lionel Boyce and others. Judging from the

The KickDrums ft. Rockie Fresh – Want My Blood

#1-The KickDrums ft. Rockie Fresh – Want My Blood Overall dope feel. Very different. I really like The KickDrums diverse approach to everything. Pretty underrated if you ask me. Thoughts?

Chris Brown – Turn up the music

Damn. Again? In my opinion, Chris Brown is an absolute powerhouse. Yes, this was the year of Adele, but I strongly feel Breezy was right behind her doing side backflips. If you haven’t heard his FAME album, or any of the singles that smashed the charts, since his early 2011 release, then you seriously live

The Cool Kids – Rush Hour Traffic

If you know me, you know I put The Cool Kids higher than basically any hip hop artist out there. They would be a dream come true for people from audio production schools to work with. I’ve erased my ipod over and over again due to annoying new music that I’m tired of after 1 week. The

Mac Miller – Of the Soul

Aside from this being a dope simple visual, I have to comment on the song. I’m always a huge “hip hop” critic. You never hear a flow these days that you can actually listen to and bob your head for another reason other than the over produced beat.. Mac definitely lays down some bars here.