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Deftones release new single and mini tour!

The Faded crew has always been huge Deftones fans.  We are always excited when they put out some new music.  Check out the latest track “Prayers/Triangles”  from the upcoming album GORE slated for release on April 8th, 2016 which is the day after my birthday in case any of you want to get me something…. I’ve

Pittsburgh NORML bets Colorado NORML on the Steelers/Broncos Game and the Stakes are HIGH!!

PITTSBURGH NORML BETS COLORADO NORML A FRIENDLY WAGER OF WEED VS. WHISKEY ON STEELERS/BRONCOS GAME – STAKES ARE HIGH Pittsburgh, PA – Executive Director of Pittsburgh NORML ( http://PittsburghNorml.org ) Patrick K. Nightingale challenged Board Member of Colorado NORML ( http://ColoradoNorml.org ) Chris Chiari to a friendly wager on the Steelers/Broncos game this coming weekend

Slang some dranks with Isaac of Faded, Coldcock Whiskey and East End Band

Hey guys and gals, Isaac here.  I have some friends that I went to high school with who asked me to make them a specialty shot for their band East End and their endorsement deal with Coldcock Whiskey.  We decided to take it a step further.  Check out the video below and learn how to

New Music Tuesday – Formula 412 – Hold Up

Formula412 offers their latest music video masterpiece directed by Dan Meyers and Josh Franzos. “Hold Up” is an explicit narrative that examines life’s choices and consequences that follow them. Once again Formula412 pushes the creative envelope. Say 4-1-2! I also see a few familiar faces in this video too. This is a fantastic cinematic extravaganza.

Surfing Sandy!

Saturday, October 27, 2012, Palm Beach Inlet. So it’s def nice to see that people are still enjoying themselves in the face of tragedy.  Take a look at some Miami, FL crazy people as they do some big wave surfing on Sandy’s back! They may not be as nuts as our boy Felix jumping from

Tom Savini To Judge Food Network’s Halloween Wars!

FRIGHTS AND BRAGGING RIGHTS AT ‘STAKE’ IN 2nd SEASON OF HALLOWEEN WARS! TUNE-IN ALERT Season Premiere Sunday, October 7th at 9pm ET/PT on Food Network NEW YORK – September 4, 2012 /PRNewswire/ —Halloween Wars returns to Food Network for a spine-tingling second season on Sunday, October 7th at 9pm ET/PT. Five teams, consisting of a pumpkin carving artist, a cake decorator and a candy craftsman, battle it out over

Interview With Darren King Of Mutemath!

This week I was lucky enough to interview Darren King who plays drums for Mutemath. Now when I say he plays drums I mean he plays the shit out of those drums! The man duct tapes his headphones on while playing live because he gets into the show so much. Mutemath is an American alternative rock band from New Orleans that