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ROARING 20S CHAMPAGNE SOIRÉE CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS SATURDAY APRIL 11, 2015 Clique Vodka is sponsoring Packed Panda’s first fundraiser featuring the University of Pittsburgh’s Study Abroad Program. Come join us along with Kent Schmor Champagne Parties to support this amazing study abroad program, which has sent 1,707 students abroad this past year. Half of

How Does Megatron Feel About Selfies?

No, not this Megatron… We’re talking about the actual Megatron and he seems very against them. Megatron may be a sentient robotic life form from the planet Cybertron and the leader of the villainous Decepticons, but he has feelings too. He had a message for all selfie goers out there especially this girl visiting Universal

Kim Jong-un’s Death Scene from “The Interview” Has Leaked

The Democratic People’s Republic, under King Jong Il’s son Kim Jong-un, has taken great offense to the upcoming movie the The Interview. The Interview was planned to premiere on Christmas Day, but has been canceled after anonymous hackers threatened attacks on theaters sowing the movie. According to US officials, the North Korean government is responsible

Magician Rob Anderson Is Back Again After Ripping Up War Veteran’s Sign…

Las Vegas Magician Rob Anderson is known on his YouTube channel for fun stunts, but he’s getting a new rep. The talented magician has demonstrated his support in recent videos to support war vets. Most of you have probably seen his last video helping a war veteran on the streets.  That man was Alan McCracken, who served

What Would ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ and a ‘Friends’ Mashup Sound Like?

One of the biggest blockbusters of the summer just got a little better. Guardians of the Galaxy was so good as a movie, it might work as a sitcom as well. The Friends opening theme song “I’ll Be There For You” by the Rembrandts gets a bit of a transformation. The Guardians of the Galaxy have

The first ‘Jurassic World’ Teaser with Chris Praat Has Been Released

Jurassic Park is open again. If you have been graving a dose of dinosaurs you are in luck. It has been twenty-two years since the park first opened and it seems they have finally worked out the kinks. The revamped park in Jurassic World has some new additions such as a high-tech glass safari vehicle.

What Would Your Favorite Cartoon Character Look Like As A Human?

You may be getting old, but your favorite cartoons never will. That’s figuratively and literally, but your favorite cartoons do get a makeover when Dorkly plays the ‘what if’ card. At some point everyone has wondered what their favorite cartoon character would look like as a real person. Here’s your chance, since Dorkly went all

Beyonce Throws Underwear Party for New ‘7/11’ Video

On Friday evening Beyonce released a surprise homemade music video from her hotel room. She is seen twerking, c-walking, and partying with her back up dances. Apparently it was an underwear themed party. The party starts on the balcony, but Beyonce brings the fun inside to her messy room, the bathroom, and the hotel hallways.

Do You Want To Build a Meth Lab? (Breaking Bad Frozen Parody)

The popular Breaking Bad series came to an end this past year with fans graving more. Will Breaking Bad be back for a 6th season? Maybe not, but for those graving more, you better call Saul. For those in need of a quick Breaking Bad fix, Walter White and Jesse Pinkiman are back in anime