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Breaking Down the 3 Major Types of CBD

The biggest difference between the three product types from a consumer perspective is whether or not they have any amount of tetrahydrocannabinol, a psychoactive ingredient of cannabis known as THC. The mainstream view is that because the natural CBD oil is isolated from the whole plant, there is less risk of its psychoactive effects than

Vince Isoldi is “The Godfather of Pittsburgh” in A&E’s New Series

The year was 2006 and here we were, just three parties deep into our new venture that was Faded Industry Entertainment. Young, naive, and stupid, we found ourselves celebrating our new found success with copious amounts of alcohol atop a new boutique nightclub located in Pittsburgh’s Strip District called PURE. Our bottle service waitress comes to

Tattooed Chick’s Boobs Dance to Mozart

You read that right. A tattooed chick makes her boobs dance to Mozart. Why Mozart you ask? Maybe her boobs are haunted by a ghost from 1780 or maybe she’s pregnant and wanting a smart child. No strings attached with this trick, just a few thousand dollars spent on surgery, some silicone, and possibly some