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Denzel Washington Back with a Vengence in The Equalizer

Denzel Washington Back with a Vengence in The Equalizer

Not particularly a movie I was planning to go out of my way to see but when the opportunity presented itself, I took it. I fear walking into a movie like The Equalizer all because of the movie Taken. When Taken first came out, I was not prepared for the greatness that would ensue following

A Tour of UFC President Dana White’s Bad Ass Office

Dana White is the president, part owner and undisputed face of the UFC. His office, headquartered in the fight capital of the world, Las Vegas, looks just as bad ass as you’d expect. JetSet Magazine interviewed Dana White and toured the UFC President’s office showcasing some of the art and memorabilia he’s collected over the

The New Horrible Bosses 2 “Ransom Note” Trailer

This year at the movie theater has been sort of a let down. Godzilla was great but then our hearts were broke with the premiere of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I don’t know what would be worse to watch, TMNT again or 4 live turtles chopped in half with a ninja sword. There is still

Remember the 90’s movie Airborne!? Interview: Shane McDermott aka Mitchell Goosen

The first time in my life I can remember being completely influenced by a movie was after watching the 1993 cult classic – Airborne. I call it a cult classic even though the film has for what ever reason never obtained the cult-like following to justify it being a cult film. After explaining what Airborne

“Good Morning, Miss Bliss” the sort of “Saved By the Bell” Prequel…

Get ready to feel really old. 25 Years ago, a staple television show of our generation, Saved By the Bell, aired for the first time on network television. What most of us may have been too young to realize is that Saved By the Bell is actually a spin-off of a show which aired on