Bad Day? Let Raggae Shark Help with That…

A lot of people find themselves compelled to send me internet videos, almost daily. Sometimes I’ve already seen the video while on other occasions I have not — for damn good reason a lot of the time too. Last night, after an unnecessarily long and stressful day, with almost perfect timing, Isaac sent me a video featuring Reggae Shark and my entire day turned around for the better. It is now my duty to spread the good word, just like a soul soliciting Mormon, I come knocking on your virtual door hoping to introduce you to my new internet pal, Raggae Shark.

Just like sneezing with your eyeballs open, it is impossible to carry on with a bad mood after spending less than 3 minutes with Raggae Shark. Raggae Shark was born from the guys over at Key of Awesome, a musical comedy show spoofing celebrities, pop-culture and the latest internet memes on the internetz.

If you have any good in your heart and would like to brighten someone’s day, introduce them to Raggae Shark, they will be forever in debt to you.

By: Pat Hanavan


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