Bad Santa Attacks the Strip District

An important lesson was learned today – Don’t always trust a man dressed like Santa. Sure, the real Santa Claus (who does exist) is a jolly old fellow who spreads Christmas cheer all over the land. Throughout time, many famous characters have been copied and the more popular ones collect a strange following behind them. Take Elvis for instance, not sure if the legacy he wanted to leave behind was to have a bunch of fat middle aged men dress like him lip-syncing his songs to senior citizens patiently awaiting death’s cold hand in various retirement homes spread across the country. I don’t know who started the whole clown trend either but that guy probably would have been upset about John Wayne Gacy’s interpretation of a clown.

Taking a trip through Pittsburgh’s Strip District preparing for the upcoming Bad Santa event, we learned that people trust anyone dressed as Santa Claus. Less than 3 minutes into our walk a family handed Isaac (Santa) their baby for a picture. Guess it is technically cheaper than seeing Santa at the mall. After the baby, it all kind of went down hill from there.

See you on Saturday at the Bad Santa party at Luke Wholey’s!

By: Pat Hanavan