Bassnectar in Pittsburgh

Last week on Monday evening, I had the chance to go to the sold-out Bassnectar show at Stage AE. For those who don’t know Bassnectar is one of the biggest dubstep artists out there today and this show was a testament to that. I will say this show was interesting as it being my first venture into the world of the electronic music world outside of knowing who Skrillex is.

The show started out with Glamkill, I was interested to see how his set was received by the crowd as they came into the venue, going to a lot of metal shows the openers usually have to be on the top of their game to win the crowd over who might be saving up energy for the headliners, and I must say he really did good to get the crowd behind him.     The duo of Gramatik was up right after Glamkill’s set and the crowd was still going strong. I was a big fan of his work, he had a guitar player on stage with him adding a nice element of live music in his set. His set was the most diverse of the night, with the typical bass drops and wubs, but a nice selection of older soul music with a lot of creative twists in his production to create more of a mash-up feel..
The final act of the evening was Bassnectar, and man did he bring his speakers with him. While I was taking pictures I placed a quarter on a monitor and it skipped about 4 inches in the air. I could feel my eyeballs and stomach shaking when he would hit his bass drops. From the moment his set started to it’s finish it was constant energy and movement from the crowd, I liked his set for the main fact there seemed to be a lot of song’s that I knew and liked that he was remixing.

I will freely admit that I was wearing ear plugs for the event, and I am happy I did, I removed them for a minute and it was so loud that I was in shock. It was probably the loudest musical indoor show I have ever been to. I will say that for my first venture into the live dupstep/electronic music scene, this was a hell of a starting point. The energy was awesome, I guess my only gripe would be the stereotypical one that after a while the music all sounded the same, and having never heard any of the artists I could do a count and predict the tempo change or when I drop would happen, I am probably being a tad nit-picky with at statement, but overall it was a fun event with crazy music and maybe even crazier people.


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