Bench Press Fail Almost Results in Man Accidentally Killing Himself

What’s more important, leg day or neck day? I do have to say, now-a-days less and less do you hear someone asking about how much you can bench press. Just a short decade ago, in my early 20’s, bench pressing was the only thing anyone did at the gym. You were only cool if you could bench press a Volkswagen.

Like the guy too cool for a seat belt, this man was too cool for a spotter and accidentally almost filmed his own death. Because these are colored Olympic plates, the actual weight of what he is pushing can vary. Basing my calculations off of the Rogue Competition Bumpers, he would be pushing 375. Since the yellow plates might not be 35 and could actually be 45 on another set, that number could go up or down.

What is worse, needing help from a spotter or dropping 300+ lbs on your neck? If you want to see some real weight being pushed on the bench, check out Mike Rashid’s workout and give that a try. Chances are, 98% of you can’t finish his set!

By: Pat Hanavan


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