Bend it Like Beckham, Victoria that is.

I know my last blog on the epidemic of  UGGS was probably painful for some of you ladies. However, just like ripping off a band-aid, the initial painful separation is the worst of it.  Now we can focus on the exact footwear you SHOULD be wearing: HIGH HEELS! I even have a scientific reason for it!

Ladies, think: “Bend it Like Beckham” when you are out in about in your heels. Victoria Beckham is to whom I refer, though her sexy-as-gosh-knows husband is the one who can bend a soccer ball (football) around another player.  Victoria, however,  is the one  known for wearing crazy high heels, just like the ones in the picture to the right. Can you even call those high HEELS? The heel is actually invisible- she is balanced on just her toes! What an amazing freak of nature! At only 5’4′ she uses heels to even the gap with her 5’11’  husband and other models in the industry who are usually over 5’7″ saying, “If you haven’t got it, Fake it! Too short? Wear big high heels, but do practice walking!”

That is great advice for any Promotional Model who wants the sexy appeal of sky-high heels without breaking an ankle. Practice definitely makes perfect! Never wear a new pair of heels to work in- and never wear ones that you KNOW will hurt your feet after 10 minutes.  Even though I believe Promotional Models should always wear high heels on the job I don’t force my models to wear the sky-high, back-breaking variety; just the tallest they can wear to walk around an event for 2-3 hours. If their feet hurt, they are going to be miserable and want to sit down the whole time. A miserable Promo Model will not be an asset to your brand. So, a great policy for any Promotional Model Manager to have is one that allows the model leeway in selecting the size of heel they are comfortable wearing while being the sexy representation of your brand.

How about this girl over here to the left- is it really practical for this girl to go ride a horse in hot pink high heels? Who cares! It will look sexy!  But you don’t have to take my word for it; even Omarion knows what’s up, singing “I can’t imagine you with no heels onnow ladies arch ya back, you better arch ya back!” in his aptly titled song “Arch Your Back.”

But wait; a fashion icon and rapper aren’t enough reason for you to make the switch to high heels? Well then check out the scientific connection between wearing high heels and an arch in a women’s back.

FACT: heels or shoes with a lift alter your posture in the manner of Lordosis Behavior. Lordosis behavior, or mammalian lordosis, is a physical sexual posture seen in female mammals, including mice, cats, and many others, the primary characteristic of which is a ventral arching of the spine. During lordosis, the spine curves so that the apex points in the ventral direction. That is, the spine arches inward toward the abdomen. The anthropologist Helen Fisher speculates that when a human female wears high heel shoes, the buttocks thrust out and the back arches into a pose that simulates lordosis behavior, which is why high heels are “sexy.”  Too many big words for you? Here is a sexy picture depicting Ventral Arching of the spine.

I think after looking at that, we are all on the same sexy page.  So just remember: UGG Slouchy Posture BAD.  Arched High Heeled Posture GOOD!  Keep any eye out for my next blog, where we finally move beyond shoes!




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