Best of Feed Me’s Instagram

Producer and DJ, Feed Me, who is also known by Spor will be performing in Pittsburgh at the end of this month. Previous to hearing about Feed Me’s Pittsburgh appearance, I was not personally aware of his work. Even though I have an appreciation for the whole world of EDM, I don’t follow the touring DJs and Festivals as a devout fan. I do however love to party when an event or DJ performs and plan to whenever Feed Me is in town.

Growing up with an appreciation for art and graffiti, I can truly appreciate Feed Me’s branding utilizing the little green monster. As I looked further into Feed Me‘s networks, I found out how incredible interesting his Instagram feed was. The little green monster is great branding for him and is constantly seen popping up throughout his feed. As an international touring DJ though, he has a lot more fun imagery to share throughout his Instagram profile: @FeedMe.

rabbit feed-me-sculpture feed-me-las-vegas feedme-mon feed-me-hat feed-me-art-green-monster gay-bar feedme-performing-crowd feed-me-machine mask-me-feed feed-me-art adventure-time lemon-face critter feedme-graf feedme-steve-aoki feed-me-graffiti feedme-chalk monster-green feedme-tattoo monster-art feedme-performing feedme-cake feed-me-white feedme-insta feedme-facemask cat-teeth

By: Pat Hanavan


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