Brand New Avengers 2 Trailer. “I’m Going To Tear You Apart… From The Inside.”

The Marvel train continues to roll on. A ton of brand new footage presented in this new Avengers 2: Age of Ultron trailer, but despite the new visuals, the tone has stayed eerily consistent. If there’s a point Marvel is looking to make with this new Avengers film, it’s that this one is going to be dark… very, very dark. If I had to guess… I doubt fans are going to be too upset by that.

2nd Avengers 2: Age of Ultron Trailer

The Avengers franchise is definitely one we’ve been keeping a steady, dedicated finger on the pulse of. If you’re just jumping on board, there’s a fair amount of catching up you might want to do before we keep chugging along with the discussion. Get caught up with everything Avengers 2-related with the links below.

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And we’re back.

So at this point we get the origin of the story spans from Tony Stark creating Ultron and then Ultron cutting himself free from the confines of life’s “strings”. His capabilities compounded with his determination to eliminate humanity is probably still a little understated at this point, but people are starting to get the drift. The hoard of Ultron-bots climbing and flying around destroying things gives you a little insight on the resolve he has toward meeting his goals of total extermination.


The encompassing vibe given off by all of the trailers so far is a sense of complete helplessness under unrelenting ruthlessness. All around them, the Avengers have problem after problem to face. Their team cooperation is always in question with the clash of ideals where intelligence and morals don’t always intersect. Tony continues to simultaneously be the Earth’s biggest intellectual hope, while also being its biggest physical threat. His inventions always create a step forward for humankind, but each step of the way, his creations are either manipulated against the collective good, or in this case, becomes sentient and turns on humanity via Ultron’s own doing. The Hulk is still a wild card member until Bruce Banner can completely gain control of “the other guy” and the team trusts he can do so as well. Enter Tony Stark and the Hulkbuster.


Again, we’ve barely touched the surface with the new members, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. The long and short of it as the Marvel Cinematic Universe pertains to them is they will most likely be the direct bridge to the 2018 release of The Inhumans film. But now there’s a new question this trailer raises. Who might this little lady be?


I have my theory on her, but lets hear what you have to say about her and anything else Avengers 2-related down in the comments. I’ll see you down there.

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By: Eli Rebich


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