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The importance of smiling was stressed in my last post, on the F Me Face. However, a girl can smile as much as she wants but if her teeth are jacked up it is not going to have the same effect.  Everyone has seen the pictures of Lindsay Lohan’s yellowed-eroded teeth. It’s just not pretty. If your job requires being in the spotlight, cheesing for cameras, and spending hours talking one-on-one, then you had better take care of your chompers! I would think brushing your teeth would be the obvious Step 1 of tooth-care, but we can all be lazy at times so I am here to command you to BRUSH YO TEETH daily! It is never to late to start with daily brushing; and the dollar store carries brushes, toothpaste, and floss- so if you don’t have the $2 to spend on it, then I will assume you are homeless and I would be happy to buy you some.

Now, I can safely say most Promotional Models brush their teeth. However, do they get their routine checkups and dental cleanings? Promo Models almost always make an hourly wage double or much above that of the federal/state minimum. It’s great pay for fun work. Let us not forget, that on the other hand, most Promo Models that I know only work less than part-time, anywhere from 2-15 hours a week maximum, and the job does NOT include any type of health care.  So, who am I to demand that my models see a dentist every six months when I know what they are getting paid, and that they probably don’t have regular healthcare coverage much less dental and vision?!

Well, I AM one who chooses models to hire based on factors like a great smile, and unlike huge corporations who probably have the money to hire a personal dentist for all of their Promotional Models (yet don’t); I care enough to help find a way for my girls (and the general public) to afford such care and keep the Cavity Creeps at bay: discount programs for dental care. Kind of like a Club-Card; you pay a certain amount up front, to save a percent every time you shop. For example, mall shoppers know that Wet Seal sells a card called a Fashion Insider, that is $20 up front, and then lets you save 10% off  every future purchase you make there for one year. Now, personally, I don’t shop there enough in one year to even get discounts equaling the  initial $20, but you get the idea.  I hope.  If all those percents confused you, you better go back and read my post on girls hating math!

Anyway, the good news is, I found a website that sells this same type of discount card, but for Dental care: DentalPlans.com. My dentist actually recommended the site (and I made my bf buy one) so I can attest that they are legit. WARNING: ASK YOUR DENTIST IF THEY ACCEPT ANY OF THESE CARDS BEFORE PURCHASING.  I am not responsible if you accidentally buy a card that is only good in another state, or anything like that. Read the fine print, it is really worth your time. The card costs about $100, but for instance with the Avia plan you only pay $14 for a checkup! I think any Promo Model can afford that! Even cleanings and fillings are only $40!!! Root canals are HALF the normal price too! I can’t express how valuable this is without shouting!! If you have any problems that require X-Rays, Fillings, etc., you will save HUNDREDS of dollars. No tooth problem I know of can heal itself… the longer you wait to get a filling or tooth pulled the worse it will get, the more it will hurt,  and the more (costly) the dental care and medication you will need. I for one will do almost anything to avoid the pain of a cavity ever again!

If you or anyone you know have teeth and like saving money, it is worth your time to check out DentalPlans.com. I do want to mention that I did not get paid one cent for promoting this discount program. I get nothing out of any of you signing up,  besides a tingly feeling in my heart for helping people. Hopefully, this can help my friends and Promo Models save money while keeping their teeth gleaming. If you don’t have teeth or any teeth issues, that is awesome. Keep up the good work but remember, we can’t all be as lucky as you, sharks, or the guy in this video so share this blog post with a friend!



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