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How to Conceal a Naked Chick: Amazing Body Paint

How to Conceal a Naked Chick: Amazing Body Paint

You may have noticed a video vixen in the latest from Frzy, wearing only black and white paint. Well, Body Paint just happens to be one of my favorite ways to conceal a naked chick! Talk about a thin line (of paint)! Around here in Pittsburgh, topless models that have been airbrushed are a sight

Design Like A Boss: Primo Creative

The image below is a hilarious trip down memory lane. FadedIndustry.com, circa 2008. Each part of the city pictured below took you to a different section of our website like some 6th grade version of Jim Carrey’s website. The old website was like Paris Hilton, fun to look at but completely worthless. Site looked good

Get your Bob Ross On; BYOB to Painting with a Twist!

Although BYOB does not stand for Bring Your Own Bob Ross, I was just as excited that it can mean “Booze” this past Saturday at Painting with a Twist in Robinson!  Last week, I won free tickets on Twitter to their Halloween party so I grabbed a date and headed down to make a masterpiece.

Why Venetian Masks are so Bad Ass….

If I had a time machine and could travel to any period in time, it would have been back to the early masked days of Venice. Although small, Venice was capitalizing on its gains long before their European contemporaries realized the value of a market economy. Everyone was a part and contributed to the great

Art that will excite your eyeballs from Benoit Patterlini

Have you seen a piece of art and just said to yourself, “I want to be IN that world.” The first image I saw from graphic designer Benoit Patterlini made me feel that way instantly. I was looking up circus themed images and the one above of his carousel made my mind go into overdrive

Spring Breakers Art

One of the most anticipated and unexpected films of 2013 is without a doubt, Spring Breakers. The new movie premieres this weekend in NYC and LA and is released everywhere on March 22nd. If you have yet to see the trailer for this movie, check it out below. As a part of their online promotion, Spring

Aled Lewis Art

Aled Lewis Bio: Aled Lewis is a designer, illustrator and author based in London, England. He came to London from Portsmouth in 2005 to study Graphic Design and has lived and worked there ever since. Aled is a life-long gamer: influenced and inspired by comics, film and television. His favourite shows are Arrested Development, Curb Your