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Don’t Hide it, You’re Excited for Pitch Perfect 2

Don’t Hide it, You’re Excited for Pitch Perfect 2

It’s ok to be a guy who has watched Pitch Perfect once or twice. Or maybe even 3 or 7 times. There are a lot of ways to justify loving the film. Anna Kendrick is hot and the cups song makes your pants dance. Adam DeVine is in Workaholics so you can feel as if

Minions The Movie FINALLY Has A Trailer. You Guessed It. It’s Hilarious!!!

This is a bold statement, but the Minions might be the funniest children’s movie animated characters that have ever been created. It truly is the little things. Minions look like the lemonheads candies with eyes, extremities, and overalls on. Their nonsensical language paired with the fact that their natural voices sound like they breathe helium

Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 Final Trailer- “If We Burn, You Burn With Us!”

The last carrot dangling has just been cast in front of us for the latest installment of The Hunger Games. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part I is continuing the theme of corrupt military-state government oppressing the little guy but the little guy wont go down without a fight. Jennifer Lawrence and the rest of the star-studded

ANOTHER Avengers 2 Trailer: “You’re All Puppets Tangled In Strings”

The Avengers are about to expand. In the next 5 years, we’re about to be gifted with 9 new Marvel Universe movies, NOT including Avengers 2: Age of Ultron, but DEFINITELY including a split 2-part movie saga titled Avengers 3: Infinity Wars. We’ll get to all of that in a little bit. Lets stick to

Avengers 2: Age Of Ultron – Trailer Leaks Early. Marvel Blames Hydra.

Well here we go again. The age of the internet pretty much means no more keeping secrets and Marvel’s Avengers 2: Age of Ultron is no exception. The trailer was supposed to drop next Tuesday during the newest episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. because why wouldn’t Marvel try to draw more attention to a Marvel

Ridley Scott’s Halo Film Gets Its First Trailer – “Halo: Nightfall”

Ridley Scott is a cinematic genius. If you went to his IMDB page, you would be absolutely blown away with everything he has been involved with. Ridley Scott is probably most well-known for movies like Alien, Blade Runner and Prometheus. Despite everything he has had a hand in, that world is solely attributed to and known

Ambition: Littlefinger of GOT’s Amazing Secret Film Premiering Oct 24th

As a noun, ambition is a source of execution and takes a multitude of forms depending on who possesses it. It’s the drive to meet a goal and the vision to accomplishing it in a certain way. In recent history, we have witnessed a ton of product successes via what seemed to be very backwards

TAK3N: Taken 3 Gets A New Trailer. Liam Neeson vs. The World.

It’s Liam Neeson against terrorists, pissed-off human traffickers, and every level of US law enforcement you can think of. One could argue Liam Neeson might be the most irresponsible parent/husband ever for losing his family for now a third time, but society can over look that if the result is another Taken movie. Following being