Childish Gambino – Chicken and Futility

Childish Gambino, or Donald Glover, however you are familiar with him is one of the most creative gentlemen of the past decade. Childish Gambino on one hand is a extremely talented lyricist and producer. Donald Glover on the other is a great actor, writer and comedian. Mix these things together and you just get hilarious perfection. He first got a lot of attention from his work on Derrick Comedy which eventually led him to become a writer on 30 Rock. If you aren’t familiar with either of those, then his role on Community as college student Troy Barnes I’m sure will ring a bell as he is a damned riot.

After Childish Gambino, the rapper/producer, wow-ed us with his “Because the internet..” 19 track album – Gambino lands the cover for Complex’s February/March 2014 issue and surprises us with this short film called Chicken and Futility to start of the new year.


The film is written & directed by Donald Glover himself. Below you can see a short scene from the film that was released on Complex.com. He discusses a few things like Chic-Fil-A, Video Games, Moths and a pretty genius idea for how to profit on a Sunday due to Chic-Fil-A being closed. Watch it and see for yourself.


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