CliqueShots from Clique Vodka!

Our friends over at Clique Vodka just launched #CliqueShots! An awesome and simple way to share the fun! Every weekend we are out somewhere partying and Clique Vodka is involved, we love to share our fun and that is why we use #CliqueShots! Here is how #CliqueShots works:

  1. Share your Photo on Instagram
  2. Tag #CliqueShots in the description
  3. Check out your photo with hundred’s of others on Clique Vodka.com!

Let’s face it, there is a lot of work that goes into making Clique Vodka’s presence known. The team of people behind the brand are constantly at work making sure that when YOU are out with your friends having a good time, Clique Vodka is there adding to the fun.” –Clique Vodka

You can already scroll through hundreds of photos shared by others from all over the world! So if you are out at a party, having a cocktail with some friends, or just enjoying life, upload a pic to Instagram and tag #CliqueShots! Want to Win a #CliqueShots T-Shirt? As you can clearly see, Steve is upset that he cannot win the shirt so you might as well take it from him! To win a FREE #CliqueShots t-shirt, simply tell your friends to “Like” your photo on cliqueshots.cliquevodka.com and you could win! 10 Likes = Free #CliqueShots t-shirt! It’s that simple! Any questions, just hit up @CliqueVodka! While you are over there checking out some photos…. Like a few of mine! @PatHanavan


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