DC Entertainment Rebrands Logo

DC Entertainment released their rebrand of their company logo on January 19th. Brand consultancy company, Landor, is responsible for the new design of the comic legacy. I wouldn’t be surprised if the person who designed this went to graphic design college.

The main idea of the logo is to be modernized like the rest of television & movies logos now adays. Things are getting more simple & clever.

The original logo displayed power & was a good reflection of Superheros.
The new logo- I’m on both sides of the fence with this one. I grew up with the original so I have an attachment to it – however the new one is in your face Comic book page. Or is it?

I think the logo can be misconstrued as a paper printing company or something to that effect if you don’t see DC Comics underneath it. I dislike it for this reason. Otherwise I think it’s a fantastic improvement to their identity. The use of displaying the necessary characters in the C is very innovative.

With everything comes change & I could get used to the creative ideas that can flow from this rebranding. I love the look of it but am anticipating how it will be used and branded to be the new DC identity.

What are your thoughts on the rebranding?


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  1. Seth said:

    I like the new logo. I get the feel that the peeling back D represents the super hero’s alternate normal everyday identity. Pretty cool how they play with the C to represent different super hero’s too.

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