DIY Art: Do you like to do it yourself?

My favorite line in the 40 Year Old Virgin, is where the guy asks the hot chick in the Self Help aisle “Do you like to do it yourself?” I think of that every time I see a DIY craft post. Anyway, I came across this awesome art made from books that you can even make some of at home! 


I mean come on, no one reads real books with pages these days (but I heart you if you do). And who has a phone book they actually use? Why not use this winter hibernation time period to get crafty!


There is a book I found on Amazon dedicated to this art: Art Made from Books by Laura Heyenga. A book on books is a bit redundant. They should have called it Bookception. But anyway, I’m in love with these sculptures! 


While I shed a tear for each book destroyed in the process, I get excited looking at each work. A book is like a present, the pages normally secreted within two covers. By exposing the pages, showing them on the outside, it’s an exposure of content, a striptease of knowledge and fantasy. I just turned book art sexual, how do you feel about that?


There are some tutorials online on how to make your own works of book art. Check out this link to create your own number-in-a-book.


My friend Tara has made some, including the books in the images below, if you’d like to check out her IG for any tips! I am not too crafty so I’m just hoping for one as a gift for my upcoming birthday *hint hint*

photo 2photo 1  photo 3photo 4

Other examples online really call for an expert in precision and an ability not to cut themselves when playing with knives. I don’t have those skills, but if you do, here is more inspiration.

BookArt05 BookArt01 BookArt04 BookArt03 BookArt02 BookArt09 BookArt08 BookArt10 BookArt11 BookArt12 BookArt14 BookArt15 BookArt19 BookArt18 BookArt17 BookArt21 BookArt22 BookArt26 BookArt28 BookArt32BookArt30 BookArt31

Of course you could always just buy one of these sculptures and save time! Pittsburgh artist Marcy Bates created RecycledReads, and sells the pieces below online. They make great gifts and are a unique way to decorate your office or home.

BookArt23 BookArt24 BookArt16

I like to try to figure out which specific book each work was made from, like a puzzle. Do you think it’s ok to destroy books for cool DIY art like this? Comment below and let us know!