Emma Stone Proposed to by Clique Vodka Model!

Have you heard the latest celebrity gossip? Our lovely Clique Vodka Promo Model, Pallav, has proposed to the one, the only, Sexiest “Zombieland” and “Easy A” Ginger: Emma Stone! Pallav traveled to California last week to visit Wondercon, an annual comic book, science fiction, and motion picture convention held this year in Anaheim, California. It was the first Wondercon that Pallav had attended; and her entire reason for flying from PA across the country was to see Emma!

If you don’t know who Emma Stone is, go watch those two movies and then get back to me; you will recognize her pictures in this post (I have included a gorgeous smiling face picture and also an F-Me Face picture as well- so versatile!).  But if you are wondering why Pallav likes her so much; she says, “I want to marry Emma Stone because her role model is Diane Keaton & she wants to get famous in Hollywood without taking her clothes off. She has such a sparkling personality and self-depreciating humor it just makes her 100x more attractive. Everything from her freckles to her lisp is pure beauty.”

I can’t agree more! Ms. Stone is playing Gwen Stacy in the upcoming Spider Man movie so she was at Wondercon to speak to fans about the role, and was the perfect opportunity for Pallav to make her move!  Pallav wore a t-shirt that she hand made for the occasion; reading  ‘Emma Stone Marry Me?’ on the front.

During a Q&A period at the convention, in the middle of an insightful question about the upcoming The Amazing Spider Man movie, Emma interrupts Pallav to ask her about what her shirt says. The shirt of course; is asking for Emma’s beautiful hand in marriage and the whole thing was actually caught on video- check it out below!


Watch from 16:04 to see the proposal!


So is Emma Stone engaged to Clique Vodka Model Pallav? You can tell that the video is actually edited, that something is missing from the proposal! My sources tell me that whenever they show Pallav’s face after Emma says: “You’re Awesome,” Pallav responded, “Is that a Yes??” Final words from Emma? “You’re the best!”

We will take that as a Maybe!!!


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