Ever Catch Bassnectar Live?

When I heard that Bassnectar was coming to Pittsburgh on October 7th I knew I had to go to the show. I have seen Bassnectar (Lorin Ashton) four times now from Pittsburgh to Las Vegas and I know from experience he puts on an amazing show. Bassnectar considers his music ever changing and not any one genre. He started his love for music with really heavy rock but is known all over the world for his very heavy bass electronic mixes of all sounds/genres. He mixed everything from rap to a frog croaking in his set Monday and he is well known for his amazing light shows.


As most music lovers, I follow my favorite DJ’s/producers/bands on Twitter to keep up with their tour dates and see where in the world they are. The week before the Pittsburgh show he tweeted:

Being a lover of EDM/bass this automatically impressed me because I know just how loud bass shows can be. Last November when Bassnectar was at Stage AE, I remember the hair on my arms vibrating from all the bass.


I did get to the show a bit late so I only got to see the second half of the Koan Sound set. They were amazing; they mixed everything from jazz to some heavy bass into their set. The crowd loved it and it was pretty consistently heard throughout the crowd how impressed everyone was with their performance. After Koan finished their set I made my way up to the stage to take pictures in front of the stage and as Bassnectar came on there was about 8 people in the press area that wore, “Bassnectar Ambassador” shirts. After I was done taking my pictures, and I was fully ready to bounce, I saw that those people were hired to fully take care of his fans. They walked around with water and poured it in people’s mouths when they needed it, and handed out earplugs. I personally took advantage of the ear plugs because we were so close to the stage and I am glad I did. I could feel the bass shaking the skin on my face during his show.


Bassnectar, as usual, killed it at Stage AE. It was a very awesome moment when everyone near me knew the words to his songs and we were all dancing, singing and bouncing together. This was an all ages show, which brought out a very different crowd. I was very surprised to see a kid who looked to be about 5 years old there with his mom. I love EDM shows in general because of all of the acceptance and friendship at every event. I made a few friends at the Bassnectar show as usual, but unfortunately I noticed too many young people who appeared to be on drugs. Dancing for hours can cause one to go from OK to sick pretty quickly. Instead of consuming drugs, I encourage everyone to go there of the love of the music (and if you’re 21, enjoy Clique beverages responsibly!). Feel the bass lift your hair on end and make as many friends as possible. After all, the EDM scene really is for all of us misfits and outcasts of the pop culture world so remember to be nice to everyone and PLUR. Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect. Words I live by when raving and in my daily life. Happy raving my friends!

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