F Me Face

As much as I never want to mention DuckFace again, I do want to add a second part to my blog on the matter. A Promotional Model should definitely care about the face she makes in pictures, but even more important: she should care what expression is on her face at all times. While Promo Models can be models, and vice versa; there is an inherent difference between the two: a Promotional Model must smile as close to 100% of the time as possible. Yes, Promo Models should look sexy/cute/hot/attractive but as they are out in the field, representing a brand, they should always look happy and approachable. Thus, I would like to talk about what I call the “F Me” face.

I think we are all adult enough that I don’t need to spell it out or explain what the “F Me” face is; if you have ever look at a Maxim, FHM, Playboy or even raunchier magazine, you know what expression I am referring to (I believe in olden times it was called the “Come Hither” face). Giving the “F Me”  look, like the Miller Lite girls in this first picture, is incredibly sexy, and perfect for pictures used in advertising, yet will only invite the wrong kind conversation from the men or women you look at in a public place.  In a print ad, you do not need a bodyguard to protect you from intoxicated Miller-Lite drinking guys who want to say OK to what your face is offering. Contrarily, putting a genuine smile on your face can keep the Creepers at bay!

Promotional Models are often walking around a bar alone or in pairs (or threes!) and need to master the art of flirtation without leading a customer on. Their faces should always be smiling, and they should look like the kind of girl you want to hang out with; no matter if you are a guy or a girl. I know it might seem silly to walk around grinning at nothing, but pretend you are in a parade and must wave at everyone or imagine a funny pic from Lolcats if you have to, to put a smile on for everyone.  These girls above are the ones I would hire to represent my brand at a pool party, because they look attractive and genuinely happy to be working for Miller Lite. Not to mention, the one on the far left is Chasity Soules, of VH1’s Tough Love- one of my favorite shows! Her genuine smile in every episode makes it impossible not to like her!

Chasity knows how to make a sexy face too, and the proper situation in which is appropriate.  I have to say, if those  “F Me” face girls were walking around the same pool party pictured, I would think I was about to get my face eaten, Species-style by one of them, and avoid them at all costs! Haven’t seen that movie? Well, the alien chick in Species has the “F Me” Face down; but with a twist! This link goes to the scene I am referring too:   Best Kiss Ever

Just Remember:

DuckFace NEVER!  F Me Face for print work; and SMILES ALWAYS 🙂



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