Facebook lets one “slip” by… A nipple that is!



While trolling the internets late last night I see what is a lovely nip staring back at me on the Monsters Of Rock Cruise.  I grabbed a few quick screen caps and I was on my way.  I checked back to the companies Facebook page again today and no longer saw this post lol.  This is the true essence of Rock And Roll! Show us your tits!!!  Well played marketing people, well played.  On a side note this list of bands playing this cruise are bands I grew up with.  Holy shit man The Killer Dwarfs though??!! Come on! Oh I also remember a #NipSlip in a Whitesnake video with Tawny Kitaen (2:19 you’re welcome) when I was a very young man.  Oh man Mtv did bad things to me. 




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