Faded Fest Contest

Welcome to the Official Faded Industry Faded Fest Contest! Saturday August 25th Faded Industry will be taking over Station Square with a gigantic All Ages event now in it’s 6th year, Faded Fest! 80+ local Pittsburgh acts will take the stage and perform throughout the day! To help support these various artists, Faded Industry teamed up with Clique Vodka, Vitamin Water, Jordan Beckham, and others to provide a prize package for the Artist with the most support!

How to Support:

1. Click HERE and Like your favorite Artist!

2. That….. is it!

Winning Artist Receives:
1 Case of Clique Vodka, 1 Case of Don Pantaleon Tequila, a photoshoot with Jordan Beckham, Case of Vitamin Water, and some Faded Industry merch!

The contest will end on Thursday August 23st at 7pm. The winner will then be announced on Faded’s Facebook Page. Go VOTE now!

If you are a band/ artist who is not yet featured on the contest and want to join, shoot us an email with the picture you want featured! EMAIL US!




  1. The Darth Lord Speaks... said:

    Nothing for the contest is on that “HERE” link…at least from my phone…

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  3. Motaher said:

    Welcome back to the grocery store side of the force!!May the Skinny Cow be home delievred to you from now on.Um, you do remember to take the plastic off the meat, right? It cooks faster that way. :)Always remember it’s mac and cheese and mashed potatos!!

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