Get your Bob Ross On; BYOB to Painting with a Twist!

Although BYOB does not stand for Bring Your Own Bob Ross, I was just as excited that it can mean “Booze” this past Saturday at Painting with a Twist in Robinson!  Last week, I won free tickets on Twitter to their Halloween party so I grabbed a date and headed down to make a masterpiece.


I don’t make the trek out through TWO tunnels to for just anything, and this class did not disappoint! Their studio is located on the Stuebenville Pike, and has plenty of parking. They even have enough room to run two separate classes at the same time, with several rows of tables in each room.


If you haven’t heard about PWAT before, it is locally owned by entrepreneurs Nicole and Jamie Orlando, a super sweet pair that have an enthusiasm for this business that really shows in their efforts and care to detail to make sure everyone is a satisfied customer! A friend of mine had attended one of the classes at Painting with a Twist recently and with my own experience also, I know that they made each attendee feel like an artist no matter what their skill level.


I, personally, do not have many skills at drawing and painting but had the best time at this class! To run through the basics; if you are there for a party you have a half hour before (and after class) to get situated, mingle, and pour a drink. Then you sit at a prepared easel with colors and brushes at your fingertips. The instructors are local artists who guide you step-by-step through color, brush type, and swipe. Our Marilyn Monroe instructor was Frankie, by the way!! She was awesome and you should definitely take a class by her. Our class was appropriately inspired for this Halloween season by Edvard Munch’s famous “The Scream.”  You can see my painting process below:

PWAT_07 PWAT_06 PWAT_08 PWAT_10 IMAG2811 IMAG2812 IMAG2814 IMAG2816

For this party, we actually had wine provided by Carra from the Winery at Wilcox. Another local company with some delicious wines! I definitely had a few glasses, and recommend picking up a bottle from their store at Settler’s Ridge before you attend a class.


If you are wondering, anyone can set up a party at a two or three hour class (with a minimum of 10 in attendance) or just go own their own to a scheduled class. I had no idea that you could even pick your own painting from over 3000 they have to make sure it is a theme relevant to your party. You can also check the calendar for dates with already appointed paintings; samples are below for your eyes to get excited over:

IMAG2819 IMAG2818 PWAT_29 PWAT_28 PWAT_27 PWAT_26

It is worth noting that Painting with a Twist has a monthly fundraising class to give back to the community. 75% of the proceeds from these Painting with a Purpose classes are donated to local non-profit organization.  Hooray!


They even offer Paint Your Pet nights, where they will help you paint a picture of your own pet!  How amazing of a gift would that be, to paint a pet for a loved one!! Keep that in mind for this holiday season.  You can even do date night classes where you and your partner paint separate images that go together enough to display linked- or still look great on their own (if things don’t work out romantically lol). Just look at the pictures from the Halloween Party I attended and see how much fun you will have:

PWAT_03PWAT_05 PWAT_25 1394780_556696231068877_1381830572_n 1379901_556694704402363_702948517_n 1380491_556694764402357_1027925225_n1391504_556696327735534_1026259899_n

I will definitely be back to Painting with a Twist for another class soon.  I hope my co-workers and friends will take one with me! If you have any questions or are ready to book a party, call 412-787-PWAT or send them an EMAIL.  And don’t forget to invite me along!


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