Girls in Yoga Pants

Next in my series of what Promo Models should be wearing, we have moved beyond the feet and up to the pants. YOGA PANTS that is. These pants are what is good and sacred in America…even if they might be a lycra blend made in China. I can not believe that I haven’t seen any Promotional Models for the major beer and liquor companies wearing branded yoga pants yet! That is ridiculous, for a major advertising ASS-et they have. See, these four girls are wearing yoga pants and does it matter what is written on their buttocks? NO- because no matter what- I AM READING IT! Think of the spike in the reading level of heterosexual males if many girls were wearing Yoga Pants with difficult vocabulary words on the butts! If I have my way, all Clique Vodka Promotional Models will be wearing hot pink or black Yoga Pants with CLIQUE VODKA written across the rear.

Besides being any deity’s gift to the human race, Yoga Pants are low-cut, sometimes with a fold-over waistband, skintight, and any length from the knee down. They are thicker than nylons or leggings yet a soft thin fabric  and designed to be comfortable in any position the wearer might be contorted in- because that’s where they got their name: attire to be worn while doing  yoga positions. Imagine the possibilities (Lordosis Behavior in Yoga Pants!) Oh yeah, that’s just Playmate Sara Jean Underwood- in Yoga Pants.

So, Yoga Pants are definitely a DO, but are there any DON’Ts about how to wear them? Of course, for gosh sake- DON’T WEAR UGGS WITH YOGA PANTS!  And my next blog will cover the Numero Uno Yoga Pants Faux Pas: The DREADED CAMEL TOE!!!!!! *Shudder* For now, watch this music video ode to Yoga Pants, you’ll be singing “I Like When They Wear Them” all day! I recommend repeated viewings so you too can become a Yoga Pants Expert (like @PatHanavan).

Enjoy the video!




  1. Lizzo_04 said:

    I love yoga pants – but aren’t they a bit too casual for promotional stuff? I love the Clique outfits you have now, I don’t think ya’ll should go to yoga pants. To me, promo models wearing yoga pants are selling cheep tricks and have no substance. I get that sex sells, but class should play a part.

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