Grenades all over town!

Tomorrow is the long awaited annual St. Patty’s Day celebration and it seems like everyone is getting geared up to celebrate.  We at Faded Industry will be taking the St. Patty’s Day Drunk Bus on a tour around Pittsburgh, stopping at all different areas of the city and getting crazy at all of our favorite spots.  One bonus to working so closely with Clique Vodka is that we have our own in house Mixologist creating drinks and shots for our events.  For tomorrow she has created a shot that is going to be served all over the city and if you end up at a spot that is serving it, you must try it.  It is the GRENADE.

The Grenade is a shot that consists of 1/2 oz Clique Vodka, 1/2 oz Midori, 1 oz Red Bull, & a splash of pineapple juice.

Ask for the Grenade all over town, and some spots that will be serving it on special are:  Barroom, Whim, Levelz, Sbar, and Taste of Dahntahn.

To meet up with us or find out more about the Grenade, TWEET me:  @FrankieFaded


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