Gypsy Sisters

I don’t even think I can honestly say “I don’t watch reality TV” anymore. BUT, I can say, that I only watch the most ridiculous reality shows. Here’s another one I have sat through every episode (so far): Gypsy Sisters. Mellie, Nettie, Kayla, and Laura keep it in the family, and by IT, I think I mean “crazy.”

You may remember my post last year about the show on TLC featuring over-the-top gypsy weddings where countless gems and crystals were applied to dresses so huge they left bruises on the 16 (at the oldest) year old brides. Well, some of the same cast members are BACK in Gypsy Sisters;  for instance Mellie, who I got to see kick another girl in the crotch at a wedding- yes AT A WEDDING where she was there as a guest. Here’s the video below so that you can see the kind of insanity that goes on in the life of some gypsies. Skip to about a minute in.

While Gypsy Sisters is set in West Virginia, and even though they get a little wild, it isn’t anything like Buckwild.  At least I hope the Buckwild ladies know better than to put Motor Oil on as TANNING LOTION. I swear. The first episode I turned on showed the Gypsy sisters using motor oil and iodine in baby-oil to lube up.  I mean, I haven’t done any research but I’m pretty sure motor oil on your skin probably causes cancer in California or something. DON’T DO IT!

The rest of the episodes show the four women, who are related by blood or marriage, doing girl stuff like shopping, getting manicures, going out to eat, and trying to keep Mellie in line as she strips, fights, gets knocked up, and married. I think that all happened in only 2-3 episodes. Here’s a great pic of Mellie’s wedding dress: hot pink, with leopard print details and the sides cut out.

I have to recommend this show because it definitely offers up a “slice of life” you probably haven’t experienced; and hopefully any young girls watching will take heed of what your life can be like if you don’t get a good education. I like these 4 women but dang, Stay in School kids!

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