Hidden Butt Camera Teaches Men Health Lesson

A woman wearing a hidden camera on the back of her yoga pants walks through the city to see how many men take notice. I’m sure you can guess the number was pretty high, but this is a reminder for men to check themselves out too. Finding out if men check out girls in yoga pants is not a lesson anyone needed to learn. This video is not to show men in a bad light, so watch it all before you judge. the health lesson is an attempt to raise awareness for prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is the second-leading cause of cancer death in American men. When detected early, the survival rate is close to 100%.

CAM use among men with prostate cancer is common. Studies of why men with prostate cancer decide to use CAM show that their choice is based on medical history, beliefs about the safety and side effects of CAM compared to standard treatments, and a need to feel in control of their treatment.

CAM treatments used by men with prostate cancer include certain foods, dietary supplements, testosterone boosters , herbs, vitamins, and minerals.

See the video wasn’t shaming men of their wandering eyes. It was a simple health lesson to remind men to check themselves too before it’s too late. Don’t wait before it’s too late. If men check themselves out at the rate of this video, there will be far less cases of prostate cancer.


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