Hot Girl in Wet T-Shirt Contest Learns Valuable Lesson about Gravity

Across the free country of America is an exhibitionistic competition typically featuring hot young women contestants at a nightclub, bar, or resort. That competition is a Wet T-shirt Contest. We’ve all seen a contest or two and I am guessing that some of the ladies reading this blog post have even entered one themselves. The wet t-shirt contest is a staple activity of Spring Break celebrations and is typically an event enjoyed mostly by a college crowd. We tried to host a wet t-shirt contest at Red Robin once, they were not having it.


Have you made any regretful decisions in your life? If you have truly lived with nothing to regret, then you haven’t been living life properly. Your early 20’s are supposed to be spent exploring the many wonders of drinking alcohol while visiting loud locations filled with the opposite sex. As you grow older and look back on your decisions, you can regret them then, but you know while it was happening that you were having the best time of your life. Regret is simply a form of your older self being envious of the younger more energetic and care-free version of you. Sometimes though, the regret happens immediately like with this hot girl.

From what I can tell from the video, the hot girl in the wet t-shirt contest was visiting a classy joint and she probably wanted to win the $25 bar tab or whatever they were giving away. Everything looks good in the video and from the looks of the other contestants, this hot girl was a shoe in for the win. That is where she messes everything up with her graceful exit….

If you know who the girl is, send her my way. If you have any funny videos, feel free to shoot those over as well!

By: Pat Hanavan


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