Hottie of the Week: Lyndi Jo!

What a beautiful day in Pittsburgh and along with the sunshine, Hottie of the Week Lyndi Jo is here to brighten up your week! Lyndi is from the Pittsburgh area and is a blonde with Italian, German & Indian ethnicity who can light up any room with her beauty.

I asked Lyndi our usual Hottie questions and here are her responses. When asked about who would she model or promote for, if she could pick anyone/anything, she said,  “If I could model for any brand it would definitely be Victoria’s Secret, Guess, or Bebe because I love their sexy sophisticated styles.” With the pictures I have seen by the local photographers Chris Gooden and Megan Gardner and the others featured below, I think Lyndi Jo is ready to jump in any advertisements for those brands!

As to who is an idol in the fashion or modeling world for Lyndi Jo, she said, “I admire supermodels, such as Elle Liberachi, Alessandra Ambrosio & Kate Moss for their iconic fashion styles and credibility in the industry.” All strikingly gorgeous models, and it would not surprise me to see Lyndi’s name with theirs in a future Hottie of the Week’s idol list!

If you would like to contact  for any work related opportunities,  fans and potential employers can contact her through her website at LyndiJoDeLisio.com , Facebook,  or Twitter.

Remember, our Hotties of the Week are here to be celebrated and appreciated! If you know someone you would like to nominate to be a Hottie of the Week, please check out our Hottie of the Week Contest!


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