How to Conceal a Naked Chick: Amazing Body Paint

You may have noticed a video vixen in the latest from Frzy, wearing only black and white paint. Well, Body Paint just happens to be one of my favorite ways to conceal a naked chick!



Talk about a thin line (of paint)! Around here in Pittsburgh, topless models that have been airbrushed are a sight I’ve seen several times at big events. Often the girls are painted to look like they are wearing clothes, but up-close you can tell there is only a delicate layer of colored dye between your eyeballs and some girl’s nips.

MICAELA SCHAEFER in Bodypaint Bikini at Brandenburg Gate in Berlin

I have seen spectacular painted artwork on some of my friends, like Cara Parrish when she was a sushi model.  The picture below shows the beautiful Asian themed paint, by local artist Caleb Green. Cara, please come be the cornucopia on my Thanksgiving dinner table!


Since semi-nudity will always turn heads, I’ve also seen some less than stellar paint jobs and (let’s be honest) weird boobs, because sometimes you have to settle for a girl who’s willing to walk around with confidence over a girl with a fabulous pair. However, I salute all of you females for putting your goods on display.

Painted Model-001

We have all probably seen Body Paint go mainstream in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. Lately though, TV shows on SyFy have brought perfect human canvases and talented artists together to exhibit this tantalizing medium. On Face Off and Naked Vegas, I can’t decide if the best part of the show is seeing 97% of the models’ body before they get painted, or the final reveal of designs that will blow your mind!  Some are meant to blend into backgrounds and you can’t even see the person who is painted. Others stand out as living works of art.  Here are some designs from those shows and across the internet:

painted model-37 yvonne painted. jpg painted model-38Painted Model-002 Motorcycle-Bodypaint-1 Painted Model-003 Painted Model-004 Painted Model-006 Painted Model-005 Painted Model-007 Painted Model-008 Painted Model-009 Painted Model-010 Painted Model-012Painted Model-013 Painted Model-014 Painted Model-016 Painted Model-015 Painted Model-017 Painted Model-018 Painted Model-020 Painted Model-019 Painted Model-021 Painted Model-022 Painted Model-024 Painted Model-023 Painted Model-026 Painted Model-025 Painted Model-027 Painted Model-028 Painted Model-029 Painted Model-030  Painted Model-031 Painted Model-033 Painted Model-034 Painted Model Painted Model-035

Will you be “giving thanks” this week that temporary body paint on models was preserved with pictures? I know I will!



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