How to make “The WaterPump” using a Watermelon!

Summer is heating up fast, so to cool you down today we have an easy cocktail recipe (adapted from our friends over at Industry Public House in Lawrenceville) that is sure to be a crowd pleaser! Grab a watermelon and get ready to make a “WaterPump!”

Step 1:

When you pick out the watermelon, look for an oblong shape that will be stable standing up (as opposed to a round one).  Decide which end the melon will stand on, and with the melon laying sideways, cut off a very small disk off the bottom- just enough so that it stands up straight. Cut a slightly larger portion off the other side- and make sure it is just wide enough to fit your ladle in.

Step 2:

Cut the watermelon out into big chunks until you have enough room to maneuver a spoon around and scoop the rest out. Scrape any remaining fruit off the sides until you have a nice clean watermelon punchbowl. Empty any watermelon juice and small pieces into the container.

Step 3:


Add an entire bottle of vodka (I always use Clique Vodka for infusions) to the watermelon scrapings, and muddle very well with a cocktail muddler (or anything with a flat bottom) to break up the watermelon pieces more. Cover and stash in the fridge for at least 2 hours (overnight would be better).

Step 4:

Slice a Thai chili down the middle, add it to the watermelon vodka container along with a pinch of salt, and shake it really well for about 30 seconds. Open the container and taste the vodka to see if it is the heat level is to your liking (chilis vary dramatically). If not, shake it again for another 30 seconds. Strain the watermelon infused vodka through a wire mesh strainer and back into the watermelon, then add the juice of 4 limes, 4 oz simple syrup, and 4 oz soda water. Give it a stir, and wha-la, your Waterpump is ready to serve!


To serve, just pour over ice, and garnish with a Thai chili- as long at the skin isn’t broken, it will slowly flavor the cocktail. If you would like a hotter cocktail- simply split the chili before garnishing (WARNING: it will heat up the cocktail quickly- don’t leave it in there for long!)
When you are done serving- simply pop the top of your watermelon bowl back on to protect your delicious concoction from bugs, and go relax in the sun until you need another one!  Don’t have enough friends to drink a whole “Waterpump?” Head over to Industry for their single serving martini version!


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