Impress Your Neighborhood with Cool Pumpkin Carving Ideas!

Fall is here and you need to get with the program! I already have my pumpkins from Schramm’s and needed some cool pumpkin carving ideas so I wanted to share what I found with you, my friends.


I’m a bit of a pumpkin-purist; for my entire life I have only used a knife to carve a pumpkin. No glitter, paint, extra pumpkin parts, etc. allowed on my watch! Well, that’s just apparently lame so this year I will be doing all of that to compensate!


Just kidding about my pumpkin looking like that. Seriously though, what seems to be big the past few years  is the whole; print out a picture then scrape it off/cut out the stencil. This will give you a solid design except we all know how you did it so now it isn’t impressive anymore. See below for examples:

pumpkin-superman chuck-norris-20081 images

I also noticed that carving many layers like sculpting clay on FaceOff is popular and reallllllly impressive except I am not that talented so let’s just skip the Predator Pumpkin this year ok.


Easier and fun ideas that still will make your neighbors take note include painting, carving out-of the box ideas, and gluing things to your pumpkins. I really like the lace design, which is easily accomplished by spraypainting over a doily (do you know what a doily even is??) or a strip of lace. Do NOT use your girlfriends Victoria’s Secret panties, I am warning you!!!


I thought this Apple inspired carving, taking off almost half of the pumpkin, was a clever idea my Steve Jobs loving friends will appreciate.


If you are confident with a drill, take a shortcut and make holes all over your pumpkin. Wrap Christmas lights from the inside through the holes and bam! Fancy.

Accident prone friends of mine might want to just stick to glue. The printed pages look on this pumpkin is simple and like nothing I’ve seen before.


Think out of the pumpkin here, a round (or oblong) shape could be almost anything! Use your imagination.

burger3 GE DIGITAL CAMERA pacmancandy_corn apple-pumpkin-carving clampink_and_black_pumpkin

Have you tried any of these ideas before? Plan to this year? Let me know in the comments!


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