Iron Sky 2: Nazis In The Center Of The Earth. Hitler Riding A T-Rex. Jesus With Machine Guns.

Iron Sky is back, but this time the Nazis are no longer waiting to attack from the Moon. What’s that you say? You didn’t know about the movie Iron Sky, where Nazis lived on the Moon and used that as their base of operations to plan and eventually attack the Earth? Yes, a movie about the Nazis living on the Moon very much exists… and it’s getting a sequel.

Now what could be more over-the-top than Nazis inhabiting the Moon? How about Nazis creating a secret dimension/portal/world where they exist in a prehistoric utopia in the center of the Earth and Hitler rides around on a T-rex? Does that beat it?

Iron Sky 2

Of course there’s a Sarah Palin look-alike  character who is in cahoots with the dino-Nazis, but I wont go into too much depth on her if you haven’t seen the first movie yet. It’s probably in your best interest to read all the way to the end of this post if this is the first you’re hearing about the Iron Sky movies. Tina Fey could have had a field day with that role.

But wait… THERE’S MORE!!!

If this trailer has you interested in a confused yet intrigued kind of way, you should probably go see the first Iron Sky film. If you’re still trying to figure out what you’re watching, maybe this second Iron Sky 2 trailer will clear some things up for you.

IRON SKY 2 ‘Jesus Attack’

Did the confused yet intrigued meter in your head just explode? I can certainly see how that might be the case. This is a movie meant to contain nothing but sheer ridiculousness. From what I can tell, Sarah Palin look-alike lady sets in motion a devious plan involving big explosions, delivers the message to the subterranean dino-Nazis that their plan has officially been set in motion, T-rex riding Hitler leads the center of the Earth-living Nazis into war yet again, and Jesus is going to be a machine gun-wielding protagonist, killing many a Nazi.

So yeah… just let that sink in a little bit. I can’t imagine this is a movie many people plan to go see while sober.

There’s really no way their can’t be a third installment to Iron Sky at this point. I already have it mapped out. Dig on this, daddy-o…

Iron Sky 3: The Red Planet – The Earth fights evil Communist Russians from Mars and the blue planet’s only hope rests in the hands of Moses, who needs to part the RED sea.

BOOM!!!! I’m a genius!!!! Lets see some dino-Nazi talk down in the center of the comments section.

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By: Eli Rebich

PS – as a little extra treat, here’s a look at the first Iron Sky movie with Nazis living on the Moon.



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      We need to watch the first one soon so you can be ready for the 2nd one and all the Nazi-dino’s in the center of the Earth.

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