Is “Let’s Be Cops” this Summer’s Comedic Hit?

Let’s Be Cops hit theaters this week coming out with a Wednesday premiere most likely to avoid being buried in the box office by The Expendables and The Giver. Neighbors was unfortunately a huge let down this year and as far as upcoming comedies go, we have to hope Dumb and Dumber To isn’t also a huge let down like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was and that North Korea doesn’t bomb us after The Interview premieres. At least we have Horrible Bosses 2 to look forward to…


Was Let’s Be Cops a huge let down? Not at all but at the same time, this is not a film I am rushing back to see again. I usually fear watching the early premieres for a movie that caters to a young demo due to the audience you have to deal with. Seeing 21 Jump Street‘s premiere back in 2012, I missed half of the dialogue due to the uproarious laughter at the slapstick-like antics the younger generation found hilarious. Yes, it is funny but when you cannot hear the movie, you’re actually missing the good jokes, the smart ones. The theater for Let’s Be Cops was filled with kids no older than 19 who are at that weird age where they have to spend their nights at the movie theater since bars are not an option yet. Also sprinkled into the audience, a couple 30 year old men, sitting front and center in the handicap seats. That was us, fearing a boisterous theater, but much to our surprise, it was not loud with laughter.

The title of the film clearly gives away the premise, but there is a bit more to the story. After showing up dressed like cops to a masquerade party mistaken for a costume party, Ryan (Jake Johnson) and Justin (Damon Waynes Jr.) quickly learn about the many perks of being a man in uniform. Ryan decides to take the new role as “men of the law” a bit too far when he gets them tangled up in a real life web of mobsters and dirty detectives.


Like most of you watching the Shark Week premiere this Sunday, I learned that the co-star of Let’s Be Cops is Damon Waynes’ son, Damon Waynes Jr. Honestly, it sort of made his character, Justin aka Officer Chang, hard to watch. As if Scrappy Do grew up, lost the Napoleon Complex, and became a nerd with too much style. His character walked across a very delicate and unnecessary tight rope throughout the movie constantly making you question to yourself, “is he gay?” Even though Justin is the one hooking up with Josie, played by the beautiful Nina Dobrev. The leader of the Russian gang was a man named Mossi (James D’Arcy). His character was a perfect mixture as if Drexl Spivey met Tyler Durden. Unfortunately I feel this character would have been better suited for a different movie. Rob Riggle also did an awesome job playing Rob Riggle.

Much to my surprise was a little reference to Reservoir Dogs after Ryan detains a delivery truck driver by the name of Pupa (Keegan-Michael Key). Following the reference was even the song Stuck in the Middle With You. Unfortunately, they missed out on a huge opportunity to pay homage to the infamous scene but instead took a funny cop-out and went the way of waterboarding.

To wrap it all up, should you see this movie? Yes, it’s worth seeing at least once.

By: Pat Hanavan