Is That Your Thong Showing?

If you all read my last post announcing the new series with a “Hottie of the Week,” you can imagine that I’ve been searching the web for the hottest girls I can find to be featured. This involves such tough work as spending hours looking at scantily clad women on the internet, scrutinizing their every asset.  Time and time again, I am seeing tattoos all over these girls.  Now, this isn’t surprising to me but I did want to bring it up and get some public opinion on the policies involved in hiring models with visible tattoos.

Most promotional companies that I have worked for have strict no-visible tattoo policies and definitely prefer to hire girls that have a wide appeal to a general audience (that meaning not having visible tattoos, piercings, alternative colors/hairstyles).  Before you judge that as being discriminative, please realize that tattoos that make a person wonder “Is that your thong showing, or ya tattoo on ya back?”   can be a distraction and detract from the attention that should be paid to what is on the model’s shirt or what she is talking about.

If you understand that being a Promo Model is about “Being the Brand,” then you know that during an event the entire focus should be on what product or brand you are promoting. Yes, I’m sure that a tattoo can be a conversation starter and could potentially help you talk to consumers but a great Promo Model shouldn’t need anything other than the brand to start a conversation.  Having popped my tattoo-virgin cherry just a month or so ago, I feel that I have a pretty good handle on both sides of the issue. I know that without having visible tattoos I am making myself more available for other promotional jobs and I definitely don’t want to limit the amount of work I can be hired for by changing that. Some promo jobs are in situations with old people who really give you a lot of flack for having tattoos. On the other hand, I also support tattoo-acceptance in the workplace.  I chose a tattoo that can be hidden if need be, and a lot of other models do the same. But what if your tattoo can’t be hidden? Are promo models less attractive if they have tattoos on their arms? Well, this girl with the shark tattoo gets major points for being super fun, buuuuuuuut I don’t think I would want her working an event for my company in a sleeveless shirt outside of shark week; she seems a little TOO fun if you know what I mean.

As for the models that I hire to represent Clique Vodka, we actually do not have any official tattoo policy set in stone, and it is not asked on our  Promo Model Application.  If fact, a lot of our current models do have tattoos. Now, being that we are a superfun vodka company with a target audience of  21-35 year olds, and statistics I find showing that as of a few years ago  24%  of that age group has tattoos, it would be hypocritical and limiting- in my opinion- to deny our model applicants based on visible tattoos.  I think tattoos can be hot, sexy, beautiful, etc., that it will always depend on the specific piece and placement (that’s what she said). What I want to know is, from you: my amazing audience, how do you feel about seeing a Promotional Model out working with visible tattoos? Do you think there should be a policy about it? Do you think every Promo Model should HAVE to  have a tattoo of the brand on  her forehead? Please comment on this post and let me know your thoughts, you have the chance to actually influence the policy of a National Brand!




  1. James Watt said:

    I’m not a huge fan of any black and white policies. I.e. “all tattoos are acceptable” or the other extreme “all tattoos are banned”. Regardless of where and what type of tattoos someone has, the question should be “do they look good?”

    If your model has an outrageous tattoo somewhere, but it doesn’t take away from their beauty, then I don’t see a problem with it. If you believe the tattoo takes enough away from their appearance to make them look bad, then I would probably not hire them.

  2. Matt said:

    As long as their tattoos look good, tasteful, I don’t want to see tattoos all up the side of your neck.

  3. Damaris said:

    James: Yeah I mean, that’s pretty much how I’m going with it. It really has only been a factor a couple of times but if the girl is attractive enough overall, it really shouldn’t deter someone from hiring her.

    Matt: but neck tattoos mean you are hardCORE! YEAH! Harcore promo models! lol j/k

  4. AiXeLsyD13 said:

    I don’t see the harm in visible tattoos on models, as long as they’re done well and “tasteful”… but, like you say… Taste is subjective.

    I don’t think tattoos have that “oh, you have tattoos” stigma as much any more.

    That shark tattoo is hilarious, but goofy… That HAD to hurt. I don’t think it would have any effect on my interactions with a promotional model though.

    I’d go with having to have the brand tattooed… that way there’s no swindling.

    I was recently in the Lexus Club after a Pens game thanks to my cousin knowing an usher who gave us passes… there were girls there in hot pink wigs flirting with dudes old enough to be my grandpa, and they were slinging Iron Shitty beer. No amount of pink hair, tattoos, lack-of-tattoos, flirting, or scantily-clad-ed-ness could get me to ever purchase & enjoy Iron City.

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