It Seems as if CrossFit has Finally Met its Match – Cross Fit

New fitness trends seem to arise almost daily. A few short years ago, Facebook newsfeeds everywhere began to fill up with friends adopting one of today’s top fitness trends – CrossFit. Some, as in many, love to refer to the sport of CrossFit as a cult. The general stigma surrounding CrossFit is that the sport is reserved only for the elite, insanely in-shape 1% of America. While that statistic I just made up may not be true, I can say that the people who do participate in CrossFit, love to post to their social networks about #CrossFit. And thus, the cult-like feel to the sport exists because according to the average CrossFitter, if you don’t do CrossFit, you are the lowest piece of scum on this Earth.

Well, it seems as if CrossFit has finally met its match when it comes to a cult-like following. Be prepared for the next fitness trend set to sweep the nation and have all of Twitter a twitter about those who are passionately changing their lives through fitness. Introducing – Cross Fit by Jesus!

In the video above, the founder of Cross Fit, Jesus, explains his revolutionary workout program specifically designed for those looking to achieve a body to be idolized.

Exercise with a Holy Cross strapped to your back: The NEW Cross Fit WOD. With our patented 100% mahogany Holy Cross, all you have to do is strap it to your back and the cross does the rest!

Are you ready to change your life? Post your new Cross Fit WOD results in the comments below.

By: Pat Hanavan


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