Johnny Depp Takes The Stage With Ryan Adams And Shreds On Guitar To Danzig’s “Mother”

If you’re friends with me on Facebook, you might recall a post I made not too long ago about what it must be like to be at one of those rare live shows where something extraordinary happens only at that one single show. In that specific post, I was talking about my favorite band, who never plays covers during their live shows, playing a cover of another one of my favorite bands, an unlikely choice of bands to cover for them, and then an equally unlikely song choice to cover. To top it all off, the song came from an album who’s title was very all-encompassing of a public emotion for the specific day the video emerged on. You can listen to that album on MusicCritic and judge it for yourself. Every single component of it to the band was nothing more than coincidence, but it meant the world to me and even more-so for the fans in the crowd. The power of live music can be perceived in the way people claim to have religious experiences.

This example may not be nearly as deep, but it’s no less extraordinary. Nobody goes to a Ryan Adams concert expecting to see a cameo of Johnny Depp shredding on guitar. But in London… those lucky fans got their ticket money’s worth and then some.

Ryan Adams with Johnny Depp – “Mother” (Danzig cover)

This is why celebrity friendships are so cool. It’s not that our friendships with talented people can’t end up with amazing results, they just don’t have the same built in audience and consistent opportunity to reach the world. This isn’t the first time this kind of thing has happened in recent history either. Iron Man himself made a killer musical cameo not too many months ago.

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The fans in London must have been beyond floored to experience Johnny Deep coming out and blasting away on guitar. The concert already was labeled a huge success. But it didn’t end there. Jack Sparrow made a second stage appearance to play on Ryan Adam’s hit, “Kim”.

Ryan Adams with Johnny Depp – Kim

What a night for those concert goers in London. Huge props to the steady-handed guy with the really good built-in phone camera and microphone, for recording both songs and posting them online. Johnny Depp apparently is pretty close with more people in Hollywood than just Tim Burton.

So what did you guys think of Johnny Depp’s surprise appearance? Shocked at his ax dexterity? Should he have come out in character? Do you somehow think it was just all around lame? Not sure how you could, but hit up the comments and I’ll see you down there!

I’m not friends with Johnny Depp, but if you’re reading this right now Sir Depp, you can hit me up right here on facebooktwitter and instagramI’ll gladly jam with you.

By: Eli Rebich


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