Jurassic World Trailer. The Park Is Open – “If Something chases you… Run.”

Have you been dying to see what they’ve been up to for Jurassic World? Yeah, you and everyone else too. Check out the first trailer for the movie, hot off the presses!

Jurassic World – Official Trailer

There we have it people. The fourth installment of the “Jurassics” is on the way. The impressive part is this time, they actually get the park up and running. After all the insurance policy issues they must have faced after a T-Rex got loose in San Diego, you’d think there’s just no possible way they could ever get an actual Jurassic Park up and running. Well… we were way off!!!

Most people imagined this new Jurassic Park film titled Jurassic World, was going to be more of a reboot scenario. Wipe out what happened before and just start again with a new angle because, well… because things got a little out of hand. Not the case. Jurassic World takes place 22 years after the first Jurassic Park film, but despite being 2 decades in the future, there are still all the common threads: dinosaurs, an entire park of them, proud park owners messing with nature, kids, the attempt to capture something that could only be killed by a planet-altering asteroid, and ultimately a mad dash for survival. Hopefully, they drop the “Clever girl” line again somewhere. Perhaps here?


Jurassic World doesn’t release until June 12, 2015, so there’s still plenty of carrot-dangling to be done. The modified dinosaur has yet to really have its great reveal, so count on that coming in the inevitable extended trailer. But the real point of it all is that Jurassic Park is back and we’ve missed it, because it doesn’t really matter what the plots are, dinosaurs are cool and this is as close to seeing them in action as we’re going to get… unless we somehow actually figure out how to pull prehistoric genetic sequences from insects trapped in amber.

The comment section is yours for the taking. What are all your feels on Jurassic World so far?

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By: Eli Rebich


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