Lez be Honest

Ladies, this post is especially for YOU. I hope you all read my last post on honesty, and have been practicing truth-telling to your employers. Now, we move on to the next step: being honest with ourselves. Yes, that includes you and yourself.  If you care about your appearance I am going to assume that you notice the appearance of other females. That means anyone from people in the Wal-Mart checkout line to the celebrities on Magazine covers. Take this cover of Kim Kardashian for instance. Notice her appearance? I think more than just noticing, you may be likely to compare and criticize her and these other women you see.  Usually, we’ll brush over how hot one of these actresses or singers look and note to ourselves that “she is getting chunky” or is “completely stupid.” Now, these women are usually breathtakingly gorgeous! That is why they get paid crazy amounts of money just to pose for said magazine covers.  Let’s give credit where credit is due and celebrate the super awesome hotness we get to look at all the time, cause you know, we could always live in a Middle Eastern country that requires women to be covered up at all times. Yes, that is a thing. *Shivers*

Anyway, I am planning a new series of weekly posts with a superhot female in each one, a “Hottie of the Week,”  to encourage only positive appreciation for what each woman has been blessed with (or for what they spend 30 hours a week at the gym to tone). I want you to look at the washboard tanned abs of  Hottie of Week #1 and think, “Damnnnnnnn! I would take a body shot off of her!” Lez be honest, any girl or guy can appreciate good looks. You have nothing to lose by admitting someone else’s ASSets ; and I promise that I will only say good things about each individual! So just to be clear, this series of posts will be to celebrate the physical beauty of real women I come across on the interwebs. There will be no  hateful type of posts as seen on a site I will NOT name, but will only refer to as rhyming with “La Burpy.”

EFF THAT. No being hateful allowed! Start thinking of that hot girl you always creep on Facebook or Twitter and consider nominating her! Put aside your haterade and get excited for my first Hottie of the Week!!!




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