Make Your Phone Impenetrable

Make Your Phone Impenetrable

When it comes to your smartphone, consider how much information you share on there without even thinking about it. You may bank from your smartphone with your personal banking apps downloaded. What about your conversations you hold via text or social media messaging? Did you realize that someone who has hacked your phone can easily take your private photos and conversations and make them public for all to see? It happens every day and that is why it is very important for you to understand how to protect your assets with AVG antivirus protection.

Virus Scan

Just as you probably have virus protection on your laptop or computer, it is important to have an Android virus scan app on your smartphone. Keeping your private and confidential information secure is what AVG does best. With one single app, you can protect yourself from malware, spyware, viruses, and malicious apps that would destroy your device or steal your private information. With this mobile antivirus, you can rest assured that your device is protected every time you download an app or go online.

How Does It Work?

Simply download the free app from Google Play store and start protecting your phone right away. This app will automatically run in the background to protect and monitor your phone at all times. Did you know that by downloading an app you can download a malware virus at the same time? With the AVG free app, you can prevent that from happening as the app will scan downloads before allowing them on your phone.

Other benefits to this app is that it has a task killer that will kill any background tasks that is draining your batter. It will help you to locate your phone via Google Maps if it is ever lost or stolen. It also offers Camera Trap for anyone who may try to enter your phone three times with a wrong password. It snaps a photo and emails it to you so you see who is trying to access information. This simple downloadable app can help you to make your phone impenetrable to those who would do you wrong.



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