Maniac Magazine Holiday Issue!

Yours truly was invited to attend an exclusive party tonight, hosted by Maniac Magazine! Since I was not able to bring ALL of my friends with me; I’m giving you the scoop here in this post so you are in the know about their holiday issue  featuring Nikki Reed of Twilight fame!

If you didn’t know, Maniac Magazine is my favorite local magazine. Ever since I saw an issue for the first time; this little square publication with photos of local hotties swishing their hair all over the pages, it has become a life goal to be in an issue! If you care about Fashion, Fun events, and Local businesses you will want to read this magazine, that is published only 6 times per year. My bucket list item was checked off last month when a photo of me at the Pink Party with a Purpose event was published in the Sept/Oct Issue!!! Of course, I now had to re-right my goal to “Be featured” in the magazine, but I will accept invitations to their parties in the meantime 😉

Back to the issue! Nikki Reed is almost unrecognizable to those who may know her from the movie Thirteen. She looks like the physical fusion of model/actresses Cindy Crawford and Jennifer Connelly and would be perfect on a runway wearing the crystal designs from The Blonds featured within these pages. I really recommend checking out the link for that design team!

Also, who is this Tyler Blackburn actor I see on Pages 54 and 55? Any Pretty Little Liars Fans out there? Why didn’t you tell me to cyber creep on this guy! I feel left out. Be sure to pick up a copy of this issue to see what kind of girl he’s into: celebrity crush alert! Wait, they put Marky Mark in here too?? Best holiday issue ever! Look at some of the pages:

Alright, I need to get back to the party! And by party, I mean back to drooling on the pages in person. And having some free sushi.  And getting a massage from LaVida Massage, hair trim from Capristo, and nails polished by Spa Jema! Dang this blogging job for Faded has some perks! Don’t forget to check out the Maniac Website, their Twitter, and Facebook pages too so you can tweet me @Cliqueasaurus to meet up at the next event.  🙂


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