Masque Contest

Welcome to the Official Faded Industry Masque VI contest! Want to win tickets to the 6th installment of Masque, this is how to do it!

The contest is simple, upload a picture in a halloween costume, from this year or last, get the most “Likes” and WIN! That is all you have to do. You can use photos from a previous Masque party, last year’s Halloween parties, or this current year’s photos.

Click HERE and follow the instructions.

1. Submit a Photo of you rep’n Pittsburgh:

2. Voting:

Voting has begun! A Like button will appear under your photo, all your friends have to do is simply “Like” your photo. The photo with the most Likes WINS the contest!

3. WIN!

Winner Receives:
Complimentary tickets to Masque VI for you and 4 friends. Tickets include Entry, Complimentary Drinks and Food ALL NIGHT.

The contest will end on Friday October 19th at Noon. The winner will then be announced on Faded’s Facebook Page. Must be 21 or older to enter and win.


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