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A couple months ago I receieved a Facebook notification from an old friend I’ve not seen in a while. It was an invite to her new Facebook fitness page – Alyssa Loughran Fitness. It’s always good to see your friends trying to accomplish something that most people never will be able to. Some people graduate high school, get a job and start a family. Others have a completely different agenda and set a course to achieve just that. That is what Alyssa Loughran is setting out to do as a fitness model, actress and bikini competitor. If you are not familiar with her yet, you may recognize the picture below from many of the online fitness communities like Yeah, She Squats or some of her many photoshoots with Jeff Zoet and Kelli Ann Photography.



Although she has only been seriously training since April, Alyssa Loughran has been competing since 2008. If you are looking for some motivation, check out her Facebook Fitness Page where Alyssa showcases her workouts consisting of a combination of bodybuilding movements mixed with cross training. “I always run circuits. I hate resting between sets, so I finish a workout in about an hour and half.”


When she is prepping for a show, she cuts out all carbs, sugars, and red meat. Right before the show Alyssa will hyper hydrate and dehydrate. In the off season though, she takes full advantage of alcohol, pizza, and candy. Alyssa Loughran won 1st overall in model and 2nd in bikini at the Kumite Classics. Back in August, she competed in her first NPC competition. Although she does not have any specific goals mapped out for her future, she would like to enter at the Arnold Classic next year. Where can you expect to see her next competition, probably somewhere you would not think. In the new year, Alyssa will compete in her first grappling tournament.

jeff-zoet-alyssaloughranAlyssa-DJ-Zimmie-Shirt miner miner2 Alyssa-punisher hanging-abs alyssa-bench alyssa-l-girl loughran-bench alyssaloughran model-aloughran

jeff-zoet-photo-alyssa alyssa-bike alyssa-selfie loughran squats alyssa-loughran-pose alyssa-l-pool aloughran-waterfall alyssa alyssa-loughran-sledgehammer

Want to see more from Alyssa Loughran? Join the already 11,000+ on her Instagram!

By: Pat Hanavan



  1. Kelli Beavers said:

    Hey Pat! I noticed that you used many of my photos of Alyssa, and I did not give permission to do so, nor did I receive credit on any of them. Can you please rectify this? My name is Kelli Beavers, and my website/Company is Kelli Ann Photography http://www.kelliannphoto.com
    Thank you 🙂

  2. William said:

    Thanks to Kelli, Pat and of course Alyssa for the intro. To me, Alyssa has the perfect blend of fitness without sacrificing one ounce of femininity and sex appeal. I look forward to seeing how her career progresses. I am certain it will be bright!

    — William

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  5. V the photographer said:

    MyGigsList.com fitness models are needed in Pittsburgh.

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