Meet Katie!

So much awfulness in the news lately calls for something beautiful and distracting to look at; so meet our newest Featured Hottie: Katie! Katie is a true southern girl from Atlanta, Georgia and an adopted beauty from Korea!

If you were curious, Katie is a petite 120lbs and 5’7” which is tall enough to meet the minimum height requirements for runway modeling! I am very jealous of that extra inch of height she has on me!  I am also envious of her accomplishments in the modeling world such as the print job for Frederick’s which you can see images of throughout this post!

Katie got her start after being scouted by an agency and has been on the cover of 18th hole and Fahrenheit 247 Magazines as well as had features in Jezebel magazine.  Think she looks familiar from a show? Katie’s TV credits include Necessary Roughness, Single Ladies, Hunger Games, and Addicted.

She has done print jobs for companies such as Bloomingdales and Belk too. Currently, Katie is a full-time jewelry model for a live jewelry TV show called the Gem Shopping Network.

Advice Katie would give to aspiring models/actress/ is to “Be patient and do your homework! It’s a tough industry!” I definitely agree that more models should do research on the jobs and companies that they want to work for. She also recommends making the gym a regular part of your life: “Absolutely! It’s a must!”

Katie finds inspiration and admiration in a family member and an actress. She says, “I looked up to my aunt. She was so hard-working and kind to everyone!”  Brooke Burke is an icon to Katie as well, stating, “She is a gorgeous mother who has been successful in a classy way! Love her!”

If you took the time to read all those little facts about Katie that I peppered through the pictures, you would agree that she is not only beautiful on the outside, but also within. What’s not to like? Well, I think some fans may be disappointed to know she is married! However, there’s no harm in looking and I have her website HERE for you to click on! You can also follow her on Twitter AND Instagram with the same handle: @KatieSundseth to tell her you loved her feature here on Faded Industry!


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