Mrs. Doubtfire Reimagined as a Horror Film is Actually Terrifying

Did you know that there is a sequel in the works? Mrs. Doubtfire 2 is on the near horizon and we’re looking back at this very memorable early 90’s comedic film. The plot to this film taken out of context could actually turn into a much darker and twisted storyline. Did we all mistake this as a fun loving family comedy for all ages? When seeing this movie in a different light, we see dark shades of horror to the likes of films such as The Shining and American Psycho.

Take a look at the plot of the film with some darker overtones:

Daniel Hillard, played by Robin Williams, fights an internal battle between addiction and love for his children. In the process he forms multiple personalities and neither is safe for himself or his family. The love for his family quickly turns obsession when his wife Miranda, played by Sally Field, can no longer handle his erratic behavior. What his children see as funny and amusing, his wife saw as danger. When his wife gives him the boot, there was no stopping what would be unleashed.


Daniel would stop at nothing to reclaim his role as the “man” of the house. What he saw as protection for his family was simply feeding his obsessions for family control. No one would suspect an old house lady from England by the name Mrs. Doubtfire. As the family and audience quickly learn not everything is as it appears to be. With the mother and children completely unaware of the length Daniel is willing to go, who will provide the protection the family really needs? Daniel is on the verge of snapping all together with his family caught in the cross hairs.


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