Music You Need in Your Ears: Slaughterhouse

I love EMINEM  so I pretty much buy anything he puts out there  to support him and check it out; whether he is doing vocals or producing other artists. In case you may not be as big of a fan as I am/might not have as much faith in an album he is barely “on,” I am reviewing Slaughterhouse for you!

This is a Hip Hop album, and there is definitely rap involved so if those two things aren’t your cup ‘O tea, maybe this isn’t a cd you will like. BUT, if you like any of these artists: Eminem, Dr Dre, House of Pain, Bone Thugs, Joe Budden, or Busta Ryhmes then I guarantee there is a track you will love on this CD. Here are my favorites:

TRACK 4 Throw That.  I have never wanted to have a penis so badly until I heard this song. It makes me want to jump around the room throw my “D” on anything nearby.

TRACK 5 Coffin.  Busta Rhymes? HELL YES! This song is even more amped up then Throw That. The House of Pain style alarm type beat in the background makes me drive 2398838 miles an hour on the parkway every time it comes on. You need this track to get the party started! ATTENTION DJs! I need to shake my a$$ to this in the club. Get on it. Get on the download I mean. Not my… you know.

TRACK 12 Frat House. OMG are you in a Fraternity? Or a Crack House? Then this song is your life and new anthem. Seriously it’s funny and fast and will get people moving in any college area club if not every club ever! LOVE IT.

Honestly, each song is worth a buck or whatever iTunes is charging these days. This is a solid album I listen to on repeat for days; it’s music you need in your ears!  There are also mentions of “Dinosaurs” and even “Pittsburgh” EFF YEAH! Get it on Amazon HERE or iTunes HERE.

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