I’m Moving to Myrtle Manor!

Of all the reality TV I’ve been watching lately; Welcome to Myrtle Manor is probably the most scripted-fake show of the bunch.  Set in Myrtle Beach, SC., this show just premiered a few weeks ago on TLC  right after Gypsy Sisters so of course, I saw the first few minutes and then got hooked.

I know, I just said it was scripted and fake, so why, WHY? am I still watching it? Three words: The Wiener Girls!!!  I thought I had pretty good life goals, a fun job working for a vodka company, promoting parties in Pittsburgh and all that. Well no. These girls just topped that with their Darlin’ Dogs Wiener cart: two hot blonde chicks (Chelsey and Lindsay) who earn their daily booze money by walking around Myrtle Beach selling hot dogs.

Well, the show isn’t entirely about the girls. It’s about several residents of a trailer park that range from club going youngsters to the crotchety father of the owner (that gave the park to her).  There are a couple of hot guys; to keep the ladies interested, that may or may not be undateable t-bags but you have to watch to find out for sure! At least one of them has some sweet rides.

I definitely get some laughs out of every episode, it’s like a small town where the only thing to do for fun is drink while nosy neighbors poke into your business. I also keep watching each week for the sunshine since PA is severely lacking in that department. Watch the clip below to see what’s you can expect out of each episode!

Looks easy enough living to me! I’ve never been to Myrtle Beach but I think it might be time to take a trip this summer! Welcome To Myrtle Manor airs on TLC Sunday nights at 10/9c, Follow them on twitter @MyrtleManorPark and tweet me during the next episode!


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